What happens when you rent computer equipment from just any ol’ company and not one that has been a trusted computer rental company in the business for over 20 years? You run the risk of getting spied on, that’s what. And that is what happened with a Wyoming couple who claims that they were spied on by Aaron’s, the rent-to-own company out of Atlanta from whom the couple rented their Dell Inspiron laptop.

In a lawsuit filed in Pennsylvania, Crystal and Brian Byrd claim that Aaron’s showed them a picture of Brian Byrd that had been taken using spying software from DesignWire, which is another company that is involved and mentioned in the lawsuit.

Crystal Byrd told the Wyoming Tribune, “After they showed us the picture, I, of course, felt violated. There are many times I sat in front of that computer with barely anything on. So I didn’t know if they had taken lots of pictures of us or what.” Maybe we don’t need all the details.

Despite that, these accusations are very similar to ones made against a high school in Pennsylvania last year by parents of a 15-year-old student. The accusations in that case ranged from violations of the Fourth Amendment to transgressions against the Electronic Communication Privacy Act, the Computer Fraud Abuse Act, the Stored Communications Act, Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act, the Pennsylvania Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance Act and the Pennsylvania common law. This case ended with the school paying a $610,000 settlement.

The software in the case with the Byrds is known as PC Rental Agent. The DesignerWare web site claims that the software is the “ultimate solution”. In addition to that, the FAG section of the site has a very straightforward answer to the question “Is it legal?”  The answer is “Yes”.

The crux of the matter, however, may lie with whether or not the Byrds were aware at all that the software was installed. The FAQ on DesignerWare’s web site advises clients on the subject of whether or not to tell renters. Their answer? “That’s up to you; some rent-to-own dealers like to make their customers aware of it thinking this will help defer them from doing acts that would force them to activate the Agent. Others don’t reveal it.”

Brian Byrd is very passionate about the subject. Byrd says, “I never thought in a million years anybody would do something like that. I read the contract, I read every word of it, and it doesn’t say anything in the contract about it either.”

One burning question you might be asking yourself is why anybody from Aaron’s would show the picture to the Byrds? According to the Byrds, a manager from Aaron’s supposedly turned up at the Byrd’s residence with the picture claiming that the Byrds defaulted on their lease which is untrue according to the Byrds. Brian Byrd believes that the manager “was just trying to…get an easy repossession.”

The Byrds are hoping to turn their claim into a class action but details on what will come of this are still unclear. That is why if you are planning on renting a computer or any other piece of technology, you need to go with a company you can trust, a company like PCRetro Rentals. We have been in the computer and technology rental business for over 20 years and we don’t use any kind of software to spy on you.

Source: CNET – PC rental store sued for alleged Webcam spying

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Hacking is an unauthorized way of taking control over someone’s system and network resources. These days, as there are several new viruses designed, you should be more careful about protecting your computers. Here are some tips on effective computer protection.

Renting a server for storage of information can be expensive, so make sure you have saved your files in another hard disk or other storage devices. Even if your computer gets hacked, you will have your files protected. Installing firewall in your system is a good option, this way you can prevent viruses and spy wares from affecting your system. When you open some applications, they might tell you to disable firewall- opt not to do it, as this can harm your computer.

You should review your e-mail and browser settings for security. Keep the ‘cookies’ folder empty, otherwise they can give a detailed list of the sites you visited. The setting of ‘internet zone’ should be in high option and the option for ‘trusted sites’ should be in medium low.

Do not download unknown mail attachments, these can contain some viruses. Download files only when you are confident about their content and only if they don’t have viruses. Be careful when you download JavaScript and Active-X files, as these files can contain viruses. Installing a good anti-virus will be of help. The anti-virus software should be set in automatic update mode. Updating it regularly is a must to protect your computer from viruses. After use, disconnect your internet connection and shut the computer down.

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$50 PENTIUM 4 SPECIAL EVENT First 25 Customers; 1per household; please..No Resellers.

4-9-11 SATURDAY At 11am in GLEN BURNIE ONLY: Call For Details (410)-553-6840 or email glenburnie@pcretro.com

ONE DAY ONLY! THIS SATURDAY APRIL 9th AT OUR GLEN BURNIE LOCATION ONLY! WE WILL BE OFFERING THESE BASIC SYSTEMS AT HALF PRICE TO THE FIRST 25 INTERESTED CUSTOMERS! $50ea. +tax. No Resellers. One Per household. We offer a basic Pentium 4 Computer System work stations that work with today’s Internet Environment. Models vary but they are all business Class, functioning well and operate at a useable pace for a Highly Affordable rate! Designed for Simple computing letter writing, data spreadsheets, email, basic gaming and surfing the web ( must have a paid for Internet service provider ie Comcast or Verizon; ) This is a Hard Ware sale; our guarantee only covers Hardware. We are not responsible for Software issues that may and do arise; user is responsible for Virus Protection and we encourage everyone to choose and load an anti-virus program well prior to ever accessing the Net, not even once. Models will Vary but We try to keep to the same minimum specs as follows: Intel P4 1.7-2.4GHZ (2.0ghz is average ) 512Mb Ram. 20GB Min. – 40GB Hard Drive(is Average ) CD-ROM ( min.) USB SOUND 16bit On-board VIDEO ( Basic On-board; Not for Gaming ) NIC ( for Networking and Broad band connections ) ALL SYSTEMS INCLUDE USED Ps2KEYBOARD & MOUSE; Power cords. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A MONITOR WE WILL INCLUDE A FREE CRT STYLE MONITOR UPON REQUEST.


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Computer rental is sometimes essential for those who have serious business or personal responsibilities. When you’re accountable for communicating at a company conference, or perhaps making a demonstration, you may all of a sudden require computer system that you do not normally have.

There are numerous ways to obtain a computer if you need one, and one of the most usual methods to do this without having to fork out money in full is to test a computer rental. Getting a computer in this way has lots of benefits which you may be not aware of, therefore utilizing a computer rental to meet your immediate needs is always a good option.

Units can be rented for a day, a week, a month or however long is suitable. It’s a low cost alternative to purchasing lots of units at a time. The contract is simple, and if you decide to purchase your rental item(s), part of your rentals cost can be put towards the full purchase price.

The key advantage of obtaining a home or office computer system this way is that you can always try it before to deciding to buy it. Having a computer rental you can pick a specific model, give it a try for a while, and if you think it is for you, you can buy it. It is surely a better choice in comparison to purchasing one outright, and then finding out that it’s not what you actually need or desire. A computer rental is a win-win option, whatever way you look at it.

Contact us today and we would be more than happy to assist you with your needs!


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When you rent a projector from PCRetroRentals.com, you will undoubtedly be pleased with the quality of the audio visual display that each of our projector rentals produces. To get the most out of your projector rental experience,abide by these few simple rules when considering your options for setting up your digital projector:

1. Choose the right venue. The venue is essential in creating the best environment to use your superior DLP or LCD projector rental. It is crucial that the venue is big enough so that the entire audience of your presentation can view the projection surface from an appropriate angle. Renters get the most out of their digital multimedia projectors when various factors such as size, shape, and outside light intrusion work together to form an optimized location.

2. Test your throw distance.Throw distance is the distance from the tip of your projector rental to your surface, wall, or rental screen, and it plays a significant role in the quality of your image. Each of our multimedia projectors for rent has a different internal formula that produces a different sized image at a certain distance from your projection surface. To decide where to place your rental projector to produce the display quality you desire, visit the location of your presentation early and practice projecting an image onto your surface from various distances away, until you find the clarity and size you are looking for. If your venue is small, you may find that you have to place your rental projector in an adjacent room to produce a display that fills your entire screen or surface.

3. Select the appropriate brightness.While all of our projectors for rent have superior brightness capabilities, the ideal brightness setting for your rented projector depends on several things, including: the purpose of your event, the size of both your venue and audience, and the ambient light from outside sources. Generally speaking, however, if high levels of ambient light are present, or if you are displaying a presentation outside, you will need at least 2000 lumens of brightness to produce the best picture. When smaller amounts of light are present, 1200-1500 lumens are recommended, and when the venue is completely dark (such as a dark home cinema room), 1000 lumens may be all you need to produce a quality display.

4. Be sure to utilize your best connection option. Advanced projector rentals from PCRetro Rentals come with several connectability options. Low-input sources such as a VGA connection or laptop will produce a poorer quality image than an HDMI connection, or a built in HD DVD or Blu-Ray player.

And if, at any point throughout the set up of your rental projector, further questions should arise, our staff is available to assist you. For Further Info please contact us through our contact page.

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Recently there has been a veritable tidal wave of talk about “touchscreen this” and “touchscreen that” as the technology gets better, faster, smaller and less costly. The latest Apple iPod nano (no, they don’t capitalize it) has a 1.54-inch color touchscreen with a stunning 220ppi (pixels per inch) display. There is some serious work you can do with touchscreen displays, but it may not be what you were thinking. Let’s take a look.

Touch up or touch down?

One of Microsoft’s “cloud” commercials shows a high-tech Mom editing a family portrait. She is using a touchscreen PC, similar to the HP Touchsmart, meaning she has to hold her arm up at shoulder height. About three more edits and the lady would have had to drop that tired limb! Sure, you can use touchscreens without tiring out, as long as you are spreading your action among the screen, the keyboard and the mouse. But if touchscreens are not perfect for everyday work (much less grueling audio, photo or video editing), where do they excel?

First, they excel in different positions and places. A touchscreen is fabulous in tablet PC rentals for note-taking and touch-driven work flows. And digitizing pads (essentially high-end, high-resolution touchscreens) let artists draw directly into graphics programs with the pad placed wherever they want it. You can also customize your touchscreen set-up to interact with clients, customers, colleagues or job applicants that you may encounter at a company meeting or trade show.

Whether you use an HP Touchsmart or a tablet PC, the touch capabilities give you a powerful meeting/conference tool. You can create product demos, various forms and conference literature that can be accessed right at your table or exhibit booth – like having interactive kiosk rentals without the kiosks! Of course, kiosks are powerful additions to your conference presence and can run unattended, while your touchscreen set-up lets you assist several people at once.

If you watched election results this year, you likely noticed that everybody is using big, BIG touchscreens now. You can make a pretty dramatic presentation to a decent-size group with 20-inch HP touchscreen computer rental. As a presentation aid, a touchscreen is perfect, and it also makes a great training tool (as discussed in various training approaches). Used the right way, for the right things, touchscreens are becoming indispensable.

To find out how to rent an HP touchsmart computer for all your touchscreen needs, please feel free to contact us today!

When you need solutions right now for project bottlenecks, conference sessions or storage needs, CRE is indispensable, too. Need a touchscreen for an upcoming event? Simply complete the Quick Rental Quote and our Account Executives are just one-touch away from assisting you.

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When it comes to laptop purchase versus rent decisions faced by many IT Managers of corporations accross the country, the rental option is always the best way to save more capital that can be used for other large scale purchases that will allow your company to grow. Computer technology is changing faster than you can blink your eyes. A state of the art laptop of today will be obsolete in less than 1 year. Thats right, less than 12 months. Investing valuable capital dollars into these rapidly depreciating assets is the most common mistake made by companies every day. After having capitalized their laptop computers, IT Managers inevitably and rather quickly face the grim fact of being burdened with obsolete technology that impacts their users productivity immensly.

So what is the solution? Long term leasing is not suited for many projects that last only a few months at a time, then kept in closets for a few months, and then used again. Lease payments will still be due even in those months when the laptops are not used. The leases are also long term, usually 24 to 36 months which extend beyond the useful life of the laptop.

PCRetro Rentals Inc. Laptop and Notebook Rental services are tailored to solve this problem. Rent the laptops you need for your project for just the time you intend to use them. Short term rentals from PCRetro Rentals are designed to provide you with the most cost effective technology when you need it, where you need it. You can rent laptops from 1 to 1000 from 1 day to 1 year offering most flexibility. You can rent laptops made by leading manufacturers such as HP, Dell, Apple and Lenovo / IBM.

Rentals can be used for training, meetings, traveling sales people, engineers and field managers will help you stave off the absurdly truncated lifecycles of the modern day laptops.
You can save your capital dollars for purchase of assets that appreciate.

For more information on laptop rental programs, call our toll-free 1 877 673 1022

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California’s Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal handed down a ruling that quite clearly tells the business traveler that anytime he or she enters or re-enters the United States – whether at LAX, JFK or any other international terminal – his or her laptop, and every directory, sub-directory and file on the hard drive, can be opened, read and potentially copied by Customs and Border Patrol officers. This should raise alarm bells for anyone traveling overseas on business, given the nature of the proprietary, confidential and sensitive information on virtually any businessperson’s laptop.

The most effective strategy to advert the risks of confidential proprietary information leaking into the public domain, or being exposed to the possibility of such leakage, is to take out a laptop rental at minimal expense from a PCRetro Rentals before embarking. Load the rental laptop with only the information and files you will require, and wipe the hard drive clean of any information or files that cannot be exposed to public scrutiny before returning to the U.S.

Files and sensitive data can be filed on your firm’s or provider’s secured servers at any time from your overseas business destinations. Business travelers, however, will want to avoid the risk of exposing crucial business data to public exposure by inadvertently leaving data on their personal laptop hard drive and having its security compromised at the U.S. border. Utilizing a laptop rental from PCRetro Rentals when traveling overseas avoids this. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol agents do not need any particular suspicion to search your laptop, and once you arrive at Customs it is too late to avoid having your data exposed to public scrutiny. Once it is read you can no longer warrant that your company’s private information is not in the public domain. Something as simple as picking up a laptop rental, and then returning it wiped clean at the end of your business trip can help you avoid potentially critical problems down the road.

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As a member of ACRBO you will know that you are getting the BEST repair services from our retail locations that we can provide. We suggest renting a computer or laptop to use while your system is in for repair… for as little as $35 / week you can have a system to use while full diagnostics and repairs are done on your current system. Our fully knowledgeable staff is able to diagnose and repair most, if not all problems and issues that you may run into. PCRetro is truly your one stop shop for all your needs. From repair to rentals to recycling. We do it all! We are able to recycle or buy ANY electronic equipment you may have as well as get you situated with a new system and yes, as you know, we rent systems as well…
For ALL your computer needs, PCRetro is what you are looking for!
Please feel free to contact us with any and all concerns and we will respond in a prompt and timely manner. Check out our websites!
www.pcretro.com www.capasset.comwww.pcretrorentals.com www.caprecycle.com

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