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Computer Rentals for Accounting

Small Tax companies and accountants have been setting up temporary offices and using computer and printer rentals for years.
This option is great because at the end of the project, The cost of equipment is reduced. There is no need to pack up and move the equipment, and there is less to worry about when it comes to shutting down the temporary office.

Its so simple and easy, just call for a quote, we can then come in and help set up your systems as well as pick up the computers and printers when you are done . Many small tax businesses and accountants have been saving money for years by renting computers and laser printers, and returning them when they are done. No capital expenditures, means more profit and less out of pocket expense.

Renting technology is fast and convenient. It is the perfect solution to fill your technology gaps, especially during the tax season. Get the computers, printers and laptops you need for as long as you need it by contacting PCRetro Rentals today!

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There’s always the dilemma of what to do when you’re on a long flight. Whether your trip is for business or pleasure, it’s very easy to get bored while up in the air. Well, U.S. flights are working to make air travel a more enjoyable experience or a more productive time for their travelers.

As of now, one-third of U.S. flights are Wi-Fi friendly. Virgin Flights and AirTran can boast that they offer on-board Wi-Fi on every single one of their planes. Despite this, the New York Times says that Delta has the most planes with Wi-Fi access. Nearly all of their 500 different planes offer their travelers Gogo-based Internet access.

Other airlines are moving in the Wi-Fi direction as well. JetBlue and Continental Airlines are currently testing out Wi-Fi on their planes, and all other airlines seem to have at least some form of Wi-Fi available on some of their flights. Southwest Airlines claims that by 2012 all of their planes will be equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities, although as of now, only 6 of their 540 planes feature the amenity.

In a few years I’m sure that in-flight Wi-Fi capabilities will be completely standard. Although we haven’t gotten to that point yet, there are still plenty of airlines that offer the service. It’s a great way to keep yourself entertained while traveling for fun or to utilize your valuable time while traveling for business.

Renting a laptop to stay in touch with friends and family during vacation or to take with you on a business trip is a fantastic idea. PCRetro Rentals is the best place to take care of all your technology rental needs. All PCRetro Rentals laptops come standard with wireless network cards that can connect to the Wi-Fi currently being used by airlines.

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Carrying a laptop through an airport should never have to be a hassle. But sadly, for most people it is. With the increase in TSA secuirty measures, taking your expensive laptop through the airport could be downright horrible. However, if you follow some very easy and simple rules, you should have no trouble at all getting your laptop onto the plane and not have to worry about it being lost, confiscated or damaged.

Rule #1: Make Sure You Have the Proper Security Measures in Place
An airport is one of the most popular locations for laptop thieves. No matter how well you guard your laptop, there is always a chance that it will get stolen. So, the best course of action to take here is to have a solid plan if this unfortunate event happens. Make sure to back up all of your files and have some security measures in place on your laptop to ensure that thieves cannot access your personal files. When backing up your files, it is recommended that you use an external hard drive. External hard drives are quick, easy and only run you around $100.

Rule #2: Don’t Argue with Security About Your Laptop
Airport security is allowed to confiscate your laptop at any time, no questions asked. If they ask you for your laptop, then all you can do is politely hand it over to them with no arguments. If you put a up a fight, you could lose more than your laptop, specifically your seat on your flight. In most countries there is no need to worry about airport security taking your laptop. Unless there is a valid reason you should have no problem with security and your laptop.

Rule #3: Going Through Security Checkpoints
Whenever you go through a security checkpoint in an airport, be sure to remove your laptop from its case and put it in a bin by itself. Some laptop bags are now being allowed at airports. If you are using a checkpoint-friendly laptop bag, then you may not be asked to remove your laptop from its case. However, if you are asked by security to remove your laptop then revert back to Rule #2 and don’t argue! After this, the next thing you need to do is remember to pick up your laptop. Surprisingly enough, forgetting to retrieve your laptop is a very common occurrence at airports. The best way to make sure it doesn’t happen is to attach a label to your laptop with your name and phone number on it.

Rule #4: Take Your Laptop onto the Plane
You may be tempted to check your laptop in with the rest of your luggage, but this is a big no no because chances are you will never see it again. If you are going to check it in with the rest of your luggage, then be sure to at least put it into another bag. You shouldn’t check it in with your luggage in its own bag because people will be highly tempted to steal it. Your best option is to personally carry it on board with you. Nearly every airline will allow you to carry your laptop on with you. You will be told to keep it turned off until takeoff, but after that you are free to do whatever you want. A new option that some airlines now offer is the availability of WiFi. This will usually incur a fee of around $10. But if you don’t want to take your laptop on board with you, then at least put it in a regular luggage bag, hidden from prying eyes.

Follow these four simple rules and you should have no problem taking your laptop on any flight you take.

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