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So, While staying at a hotel for my vacation, I am noticing several people waiting and taking turns to use the single computer “business center” in the front desk area. This gave me a thought. If any of these people had known they could rent a laptop to use in the comfort of their own rooms, they would not have to wait and take turns to use the one single computer up front. Going on a vacation for a week or more? rent a laptop! For as little as $35 dollars a week, you can have the convenience and comfort of emailing from your comfy bed, in the cool A/C, while watching a good movie. Use your rented laptop to stream movies and video’s if your room does not include cable movie channels or upload the photos from your trip as you go to keep friends and family updated on how much fun your having. These things are fun and simple to do with a Dell latitude D510 with built-in wireless. Take advantage of that free wifi so many hotels advertise. For affordable rentals and contracts from 1 day to 6 months, we can work out a plan that works for you! Contact us today!

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