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Have you everconsidered what would happen if your beloved notebook computer was hit by the dreaded blue screen of death? Great your portable pal is still under warranty, you just send it back to the manufacturer for repair – right? What happens if that repair takes 10-14 days, and you have an important meeting or conference in Chicago, Los Angeles, London or New York coming up? Do you buy a brand new pc or look at laptop rental options?
One advantage of renting a notebook is that you can get your sweaty palms on the latest core 2 duo machine like a Dell D620 or an IBM T60 without paying out a huge amount of cash in one go. Another is that recently laptops have been the subject of travel restrictions by some airlines. If you don’tlike the idea of airport hassle, and you only need the computer for a one off meeting or conference, why not rent a notebook and pick it up at your destination hotel? Better than risking it being banished to the hold of a plane, if strict travel guidelines are in place. There is an endless list as to why laptop rental just makes sense. To read further please click here.

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Even though we are slowly climbing out of a recession, many small businesses are still struggling to stay afloat in this economy. Business owners are getting creative and looking in every direction for ways to cut costs. One great way a business of any size can save money, is by choosing to use Computer Rentals.

Small businesses use computers in many different capacities. They may use them to track orders, to keep records and bookkeeping, and even as a cash register. But purchasing computers can be expensive. And once you’ve bought a computer, before long, you often find your system is out-of-date due to new software, new operating systems, and more efficient models being released every week. Sure, you can always purchase the new software or operating systems but what if your computer doesn’t comply with the minimum requirements? This could leave your computer working poorly and could cost your business time and money. What happens if your computer quits working and your warranty has expired? What happens if you simply bought a “clunker?”

Of course you could always go out and buy new computers, but who can afford to do that every time they have a small issue? Chances are you can’t and that’s why you should consider renting a computer from a quality rental firm such as PCRetro Rentals.

At PCRetro Rentals, we offer competitive prices and excellent customer service. We will deliver your computer rental to your location, set it up, and see to it that it meets your specifications. If your computer quits working or you run into a problem, we can provide whatever services are needed to see to it that it’s fixed as soon as possible. And as your business grows, you can simply rent more computers instead of investing ridiculous amounts of money into new purchases.

There are so many ways for small business owners to cut corners, but dealing with faulty or outdated equipment simply short-changes your business. Why take that risk? No matter how much or how little you use your computer, letting PCRetro Rentals take care of the details – from setup to repair – allows you more time to focus on other ways to make your business even more profitable.


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As businesses grow, their needs can change. One year a multi-function printer/fax is sufficient, the next you may need a standalone printer, photocopier and wireless network, so keeping up to date with a computer rental may save you time and money.

Cash flow is king

Computer rental is about cash flow improvement., you don’t have that big investment going out at one time.
and computer rental also enables you to keep up with the latest technology. You’re not looking at a significant investment every time you need to upgrade your equipment.

Afford more

If equipment costs less, logically you can afford more of it.
A growing business may need a network printer for each department, rather than one for the entire organisation. Instead of borrowing money or waiting for the financial stars to align, renting additional printers puts them in the office immediately.
Further, renting leaves cash free and lines of credit open for other business expenses.

Project specific

Take the example of an architecture firm contracted to produce the working drawings for a new office building, with additional staff employed casually to help meet the tight deadline.
Buying new desktop computers and software for each new staff member, who is only to be employed for three months, would cost thousands of dollars.

Renting the equipment:

1. prevents a surplus of computing equipment sitting unused once the project is finished
2. means short-term, fixed-price equipment supply can be factored into project costs
3. means tax deductions for rental fees.
4. protects the business from a short-term cost shock.

In the rapidly evolving world of business, reacting swiftly to change can be the key to boosting income or going broke. While buying your office technology gives you certainty and builds your asset base, there are times when computer rental may be a smarter move.

Contact PCRetro Rentals today for your free quote and solutions on how we can help your business grow affordably.

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