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At PCRetro Rentals, we are able to supply you with Core 2 Duo desktops and laptops. From the IBM M57p small form factor for lots of processing power to the Dell D620 Laptop with a blazing fast 1.66 dual core processor and built-in wireless for ease of use. Both systems are optimal for running powerpoint presentations, and multi-tasking needs. With our large stock of available systems, we are able to rent just one at a time or several systems to fullfill your needs! With tax time just around the corner, we can set up your remote or extended locations with systems and fast laserjet printers, and when tax time is over, we can break down your location and pick up our items as well. We are willing to work with you to get the job done. Contact us today through our contact page, or contact our Business manager directly at We can come up with and affordable solution for you!

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Want to save money? want to have what you need, when you need it? want to be able to produce a smashing presentation? need to use a mac for a school project or photo editing? Want to use a high end, business class computer or laptop for a specific need? then we can help. At PCRetro Rentals we can tailor a contract to fullfill your needs within your budget. Not only will you save money! Let us help you today. Fill out your information on our contact us page for your free quote today!

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PC Retro Rentals is the computer hardware rentals division of PC Retro Inc., offering a wide range of affordable hardware rental solutions in Maryland, Virginia, DC and beyond.


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