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With Independence day fast approaching, most people are running out and buying up fireworks, getting plans together for cookouts, spending time together with family and friends. Why not rent a projector and share with your family and friends a display of past celebrations? It’s a perfect way to spend time together while waiting for the sun to go down to watch the fireworks.

We offer affordable projector rentals that can be delivered and set up as needed. We can also supply a laptop if you would like to run your photo display as a power point presentation.  Combining a Toshiba TLP-470 Portable projector with a Dell D600 laptop is a GREAT way to share your memories.

For more information, or a quote on the perfect party pleaser contact or visit our contact page.

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As I posted earlier, DC is looking into this new center. Here is an update as to what is going on with it and how things are looking.

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Tablet PC’s are not new technology, but recently they have become a very popular technology. Tablet PCs have become an integral part of companies with field employee’s such as  insurance, manufacturing, sales, marketing and so on. The primary need for field employee’s is mobility and with tablet PC’s that is possible. Newer model tablet PC’s can run into the thousands of dollars, such as the Lenovo Thinkpad X200, which starts at $2,420. The high price tag of the top-rated tablets might discourage some businesses from adopting the new device broadly. However, even tight-fisted purchasing managers realize that some employees have special requirements that can’t be filled by standard notebooks. This is where rentals come in. In an effort to save a company from purchasing thousands of dollars worth of tablet PC’s, we offer the rental of tablets such as the HP 2710P.  Starting price for this model is over $2,000. Renting a powerful tablet such as this, to decide if a tablet PC is what your mobile field employees need, saves you money and gives you an opportunity to get feedback before making such a large purchase.  Feel free to contact us for further info concerning the rental of one of our tablet PC’s or any of our other products in stock.

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I was reading my daily update of  the Washington Business news and saw this article..  Keep in mind that this brings another outlet for trade shows and I believe it is a good move all around… 

Read article here

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These days, newer generations of software applications demand more and more robust hardware forcing us to replace our computers frequently. Although they may still be in working order, repairing or upgrading them is not cost effective or practical. Between 1997 and 2007, 500 million PCs were estimated to become obsolete. In one year, the overall electronic waste or “e-waste” volume was estimated at five to seven million tons. Old computers, printers, TVs, VCRs, boomboxes, etc., create a huge storage, recycling, and disposal problem throughout the world. E-waste has become a serious environmental problem. A few ways to help to try and eliminate the growing issue of  e-waste are as follows:

1. Rent! Renting the hardware needed instead of buying it saves you time, money and saves you the hassle of “what to do” when it comes to the hardware becoming obsolete. 

2. Donate! Donate your working but out of date hardware to schools, libraries, and non-profit organizations who place computers in the hands of low income families that would not normally have the chance to own one. 

3. Recycle! These days there are more and more locations that offer recycling programs for your e-waste. Locate them, and discuss with them the options they offer.

 We ALL need to be aware of this growing issue, part of that is taking steps to prevent it yourself.  If you would like more information on any of the above options please contact us and we can help you create a greener world.

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