I found this little article while searching the web at www.freepressrelease.com. I think that there are several key reasons why businesses choose to rent as opposed to buying new equipment as a short term solution. Below are great reasons as to why it can be a more economical choice for not only large corporations but for small businesses as well.

United States of America (Press Release) March 4, 2009 –

Laptop computer rental are considered as the best solution for meeting challenges in business world. This strategy of renting the laptop or computer helps the people to controls their expenses. Apart from laptop rentals, people can rent garden tools, washing machines, designer handbags, big-screen TVs etc. Usually, people get confuse with computer renting and leasing. Renting is for short term and flexible in nature while leasing is buying for fixed arrangement. Depending upon the need and requirement, the company can either extend their rental term or cancel the rental terms at any time with no penalty. On other hand, leases can’t be cancelled without a severe penalty.

laptop computer rentals have been available for many years in the corporate world. In comparison with the personal items, they offer same benefits. Here are a few reasons for renting a laptop computer such as:

• It is considered as the best solution for short-term access to the latest brand-name technology
• It can be accomplished with a company credit card
• No capital expenses are required
• Offers convenience of returning the equipment
• It is availed for short notice or special occasion
• Eliminates the hassle of carrying
• Eliminates wear and tear

Source: FPR

With the growing trend of renting, now there are many rental companies who have experts or computer technicians to deliver and test laptops, right at your office or location. There are many situations when renting is considered as the alternative than buying or leasing such as:

• School – When you want to offer a short computer training program at your school or in college premises then renting a setup would save your money.

• Travel – During traveling carrying computer is sometimes difficult, particularly if you do not have a laptop. At that moment, renting a computer is considered as a wise solution. You can have configured computer, waiting for you at your destination.

• Temporary moves – In the temporary business moves, short-term settings, setting-up and quickly taking down an entire technology infrastructure is highly not easy. Therefore, renting for short period of time can eliminate your problem.

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7 Responses to “Laptop computer rentals are considered as the best solution for meeting challenges in business world.”

KrisBelucci June 2, 2009

Great post! Just wanted to let you know you have a new subscriber- me!

AndrewBoldman June 4, 2009

da best. Keep it going! Thank you

Icenjel June 8, 2009

Renting is a good option for rare or short time usage of different equipments. It helps cut the cost to purchase it, thus optimizing one’s financial capacity to buy other necessities. No wonder it’s a flourishing companies in practical countries such as the US.

Also, renting IT equipments such as computers are better option for business starters, or those who have to move to another location. Rental companies provides the option to rent good equipments minus the fuss of ahving to bring with you everything you need. Plus, it saves more effort on the upgrading. One can just adjust their rental orders on the latest, and as technology changes, he or she can adapt to it by renting the newer models minus the large expenses. to purchase them.

Computer Solution Provider June 13, 2009

Computer rental business has stormed the business world in a very short period. It became the main strategy of every individual in order to minimize and lessen their expenses when it comes to technology improvement. You don’t have to spend anymore lots of money, just to have a brand new named computer or laptop. If you’re a realistic person, you will really choose computer rental.

KattyBlackyard June 14, 2009

Original post by Dmitri Gromov

computer rental June 19, 2009

It is becoming more economical to rent computer these days. And it also helps those who need to use computer but doesn’t have the capacity to buy one. Computer accessories are now also available for rent. It is accessible now to have multimedia presentation anywhere, at home or conventions, even if you don’t have LCDs or projectors. All you need is call and it will be delivered to you.

The most common challenge we have in our technologies today is the issue of depreciation and obsolescence. To solve this kind of problem, we should avoid purchasing the stuff we need if we know we can have then via rental service, this system will let you upgrade the equipment you’ve rented if a new version is available in the market without spending too much.

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