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Plotters are used for many different things. Making large scale signs, printing blueprints, and complex line art designs.  Plotters can be very expensive, even refurbished or used plotters can run into the hundreds and even thousands of dollars depending on the size and graphic requirements. To offset this cost, we offer affordable plotter rentals for the length of time you need it. This is perfect if you only need to print a few sets of blueprints for a project or if you need to make signs for an event. Renting a plotter , such as the HP Designjet, from PC Retro Rentals will also save you the hassle of having to go out and order your printing. We can deliver the plotter, set it up, and pick it up when you are finished. You will be saving money and more importantly TIME.  To rent a plotter, please contact us for a quote.

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Getting ready to do system upgrades? downloading a new service pack? installing a patch? For businesses, there comes a time when it’s out with the old and in with the new.  But what happens when systems crash? what happens when a patch does not install correctly and you end up with corrupted data? A great idea would be to rent a server while upgrading.  Back up all your data FIRST, then upgrade the systems or install the patch. It’s easy to lose data, but it’s also just as easy to recover it if you have backed it up correctly in a safe place. Not only will this save time, but it will also save money. New servers are expensive to buy, and if it is only needed for a short time, the affordable solution is to rent one  for the length of time it is needed. We can even deliver one and set it up for you. Save yourself the stress of data loss. Back up your data on a Dell Poweredge or a Compaq Proliant server. The Dell poweredge series of servers are high end, business class, and perfect for back up or for using as a simple file server. Visit our contact page and let us know how we can help you or click here for futher information.

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Businesses of all sizes rent office technology. Small and home-based businesses often have budgetary concerns that rentals can help them address. Larger businesses may wish to avoid buying hardware and then being stuck with surplus equipment. Non-profit organizations may also rent  so they can reduce the initial cost of acquiring new equipment.

There are many reasons why businesses choose to rent instead of purchasing, but the main reason is to fill their “technology gaps”. Companies that hire staff on a seasonal or project basis may want to rent equipment instead of buying so they can return it when the project ends. Organizations conducting short-term research may want laptops or other portable computing equipment for their research teams. Occasional business travelers with a desktop computer in their office may rent a laptop for the few times they venture out of town.

Another type of technology gap occurs with equipment that has limited and very specific purposes. For example, most businesses do not need their own video wall or large-size plasma screen, but they may want a large display for a conference. By renting, they can get the specialized equipment they need without having to buy it.

In closing, the main reasons to rent is lower company cost, less e-waste, and less hassle for your company in the long run. 

For a quote contact us today!

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Why rent a printer? Printer Rentals make perfect sense when you need them for corporate events, company marketing projects, year end financial reports, temporary offices, convention services, and special projects. Our Printers are available for rent for as short or long as you want!

Renting a laserjet printer such as an HP 4000n or HP4100n for black and white printing is a great way to increase your productivity during peak work loads or corporate projects. A Printer Rental is also great for when you need to take one on the road with you, but you do not want to deal with the hassle of transporting it. We can make it so that when you arrive at your new work place we will already have one set up and ready to go.

We have several in stock, from smaller laserjets all the way up to larger, multi-function business class models. So whether you need Black and white or color, networked or duplexing, we have what you need. 

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A common question among renters of projectors is “what kind of projector do I need for my presentation?”  I have compiled a quick guide as to the uses of projectors and what exactly lumens means. 

Projector bulb strength brightness is measured in ANSI lumens or lumens. Lumens refers to the brightness of the bulb or bulbs. Projectors range from around 650 to 10,000 lumens in brightness. Presentations where the lights are on are the most desirable, because you can interact and demonstrate off-screen with your audience.

Another consideration is portability of the projector. Lower lumen units are the most portable. As a general rule, as you increase bulb strength brightness, you reduce portability. High lumen projectors are larger and weigh more than low lumen projectors.

Less than 1,000 lumens – good for low ambient light, presentations.

1,000-2,000 lumens – These are the most popular units being rented today. Very practical and will work with some ambient light.

3,000 lumens - Much Larger unit than the 1000 to 2000 lumen units. Good for audiences of less than a hundred with ambient light.

5,000 lumens – For audiences of 100 or more under brighter lights

6,000-10,000 lumens – For large events like conventions, conferences and tradeshows where thousands of people need to view a presentation at the same time.

We carry several projectors from the Panasonic PT-L6500U, which is rated at 3600 lumens to smaller models like the Panasonic L797PXUL that rates at 2200 lumens.  Contact us today with answers to your projector rental questions. 


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In today’s economic environment,  companies are looking at every option to save capitol and control spending while still successfully running business.  One way to help save and control spending is to rent equipment that is only needed on a short term basis. In a good economy, a company might be inclined to purchase a projector for a presentation that is only given a few times a year. In this economy, it is much more reasonable to save that capital and rent the projector for those few presentations. Same with temporary employees. It is much more economically sound to rent a laptop for that employee than to buy one.  

By using PC Retro Rentals to rent only the technology you need when you need it, rather than take a risk and put capital on the line for equipment that is only needed a few times or for a short time, you not only SAVE money, but you also do not have to deal with the issue of what to do with the equipment once it is out dated or obsolete, thus cutting down on the expense of having to dispose of said equipment and at the same time… cutting down on the problem of e-waste. 

Bottom line, if you rent your techonology for short term needs, in the long run it can save you money, time, and quite possibly the planet.

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There are a lot of people out there that travel constantly for business. With this comes the security threat of company data being lost or stolen. While working for Dulles International Airport, I realized that probably 1 out of every 10 people coming through security checkpoints carried a laptop. We did have incidents where laptops were damaged, or someone had picked up the wrong laptop, or someone had picked up their laptop and it was forever gone. Due to this issue, I realized that people were losing not only personal data but company data as well. Now working for PC Retro Rentals, I see where it would be better for the constantly traveling business person to carry sensitive company data on a portable flash drive and then just rent a laptop upon arrival at their hotel. This bypasses the issue of a missing laptop, missing company and personal data, and makes things much easier on the traveler.  I was reading an article about how often airport thefts of laptops happen, and considering the rates as to how many times this happens, I definitely think that the benefits of renting a laptop to use while on a business trip far outweigh the possible theft of data while traveling.

Protect your data, and rent a laptop.

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I found this little article while searching the web at I think that there are several key reasons why businesses choose to rent as opposed to buying new equipment as a short term solution. Below are great reasons as to why it can be a more economical choice for not only large corporations but for small businesses as well.

United States of America (Press Release) March 4, 2009 –

Laptop computer rental are considered as the best solution for meeting challenges in business world. This strategy of renting the laptop or computer helps the people to controls their expenses. Apart from laptop rentals, people can rent garden tools, washing machines, designer handbags, big-screen TVs etc. Usually, people get confuse with computer renting and leasing. Renting is for short term and flexible in nature while leasing is buying for fixed arrangement. Depending upon the need and requirement, the company can either extend their rental term or cancel the rental terms at any time with no penalty. On other hand, leases can’t be cancelled without a severe penalty.

laptop computer rentals have been available for many years in the corporate world. In comparison with the personal items, they offer same benefits. Here are a few reasons for renting a laptop computer such as:

• It is considered as the best solution for short-term access to the latest brand-name technology
• It can be accomplished with a company credit card
• No capital expenses are required
• Offers convenience of returning the equipment
• It is availed for short notice or special occasion
• Eliminates the hassle of carrying
• Eliminates wear and tear

Source: FPR

With the growing trend of renting, now there are many rental companies who have experts or computer technicians to deliver and test laptops, right at your office or location. There are many situations when renting is considered as the alternative than buying or leasing such as:

• School – When you want to offer a short computer training program at your school or in college premises then renting a setup would save your money.

• Travel – During traveling carrying computer is sometimes difficult, particularly if you do not have a laptop. At that moment, renting a computer is considered as a wise solution. You can have configured computer, waiting for you at your destination.

• Temporary moves – In the temporary business moves, short-term settings, setting-up and quickly taking down an entire technology infrastructure is highly not easy. Therefore, renting for short period of time can eliminate your problem.

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